Swim Coaching with Ceinwen Roberts


Swimming Coaching with Ceinwen Roberts

Ceinwen Roberts has been coaching for nearly 22 years now, with experience in competitive pool swimming and in particular Open Water Swimming. Ceinwen is a member of the small group of swimmers around the world who had attained the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, completing the English Channel, Manhattan Island marathon Swim and the Catalina Crossing. She has also swum the Rottnest Channel multiple times as a solo, duo and team member, has completed a triple crossing of the Rottnest Channel (60km) and has swum around Rottnest Island (28km)

With this experience under her belt she loves helping others to learn to swim, improve their technique, or provide them with motivation and programs to take their swimming to the next level. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced swimmer, Ceinwen can offer you her services.

  • Daily Squads which  include stroke technique, cardio, sprints, drills and FUN!
  • Solo Packages for swimmers aiming to do
  • Rottnest/English/Catalina/Channels

Ceinwen is an organiser of The Hotel Rottnest Port to Pub Swim so has a particular interest in preparing swimmers to take part in this great event as a 25km swimmer, or a solo, duo, team of four or team of 6 swimmer.








Summer Swimming 2018 -2019 




9.30am – 10.30am classes there is a PARENTS PACKAGE OPTION FROM FEB-MARCH for those on holidays still in January.

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas break, are feeling refreshed and pumped to get back into it. Set your goals, write them down, tell somebody you plans and how you’re going to make it happen so they can help support you!

If you haven’t already can you please take the following steps to set yourself up on the MONDBODY app and sign up for your sessions up until March. 


  1. Go to the https://www.mindbodyonline.com website or the App and Create a FREE account.
  2. Choose the sessions you wish to attend, or the package, or book in for a casual swim
  3. Sign the waiver, include any medical details and emergency contact details.
  4. Every time you intend to come to your prepaid class, jump on the app and Check In BEFORE THE START OF THE CLASS!!!

The following sessions are on offer.

You can sign up as a package from Jan 8 – 16th March

Monday 9.30 – 10.30am; BOLD PARK  ***check change of times below****

NOTE: MONDAY 7th,14th, 21st and 28th JAN will be at CITY BEACH at 8AM. Meet at the MAIN GROYNE lifeguard tower in front of the surf club. This is due to swim lessons on at BOLD PARK POOL, and getting a swim in before the breeze comes in!

Tuesday 5.30am – 7am – BOLD PARK

Tuesday 9.30am – 10.30am Claremont Pool

Wednesday 9.30am – 10.30am BOLD PARK ** take note of time changes below.

NOTE: WEDNESDAY 16th and 23rd of JAN will be at CITY BEACH at 8am. Meet at MAIN GROYNE lifeguard tower in front of the surfclub. This is due to swim lessons at BOLD PARK POOL and no lane space.

Wednesday 5pm – 6pm Claremont Pool

Thursday 5.30am – 7am BOLD PARK

Thursday 9.30am – 10.30am Claremont Pool

Friday – 6-7am -Open water swim – Rotto Solo and Summer Ultimate Package or Casual Payment Only. Check WhatsApp or Facebook page for location.

Saturday 5.30am – 7am Claremont Pool 

Saturday 7.30am – 8.30am Claremont Pool

Saturday 3pm – 4pm Scotch College Pool 

Sunday -Suggested Open Water Swim – not coached but if I can I will come and join in. Check facebook page Ceinys Swim Squad for details.



Can I still come casually?

Yep. There is a different price for the 1 hour and 1.5 hour class. As long as there is space in the lanes, which will be indicated on the app when your checking in, you can come!


What if I pay for the casual but then something comes up and I don’t get there.

You have 1 month to use that casual on the particular day of the week.


Can I still use my Blue PAYG Card –  I still have some sessions left.

Yep you can until the end of 2018. This give you three months to use up 10 sessions.

If I have booked in for a package do I still book in on the app? And what is the time frame for this?

Yes you need to indicate that you will be coming so I know if there is space or not for Casuals. You can book in up until the class starts.

Why are you doing this system of payment I like the old way?

Due to the increased numbers attending the squad over summer I needed to ensure I was booking the correct amount of lanes, not overcrowding the lanes or underbooking.  I have to give the pools 6 months notice of lane hire, and still get charged if they are not used. I need a minimum of 5 per lane to hire a lane.

To make it a better experience for you, to help keep you committed, consistent and motivated to come, to help track attendances, are all reasons that this system has come into place. Thanks so much for all the positive feedback during this transition.


Is Aquakids going ahead this term.

Unfortunately no. Although I sincerely loved coaching the kids, its too much on my little family at the moment.


ROTTO SOLO SQUAD – Unlimited sessions and solo program for Rotto Channel Swim and Port to Pub, mentoring, open water swims etc. Email to Register, spots are limited. $1800

SUMMER ULTIMATE – Unlimited sessions 21 weeks; $1200


Casual Payments are an option if their is space available.

1 hr Casual; $20 or 10 Pass $200

1.5hr Casual;$22 or 10 Pass $220


You will need Fins, Pull buoy, Finis Training Paddles and water bottle

Please sms me or check the Positive Lifestyle Training or Ceinys Swim Squad – Aquabutts Facebook page for updates. Ceinwen Roberts 0415221774

Its always warmer in the water in winter!
             Remember …YOU NEVER REGRET A SWIM!!!!

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